Multiple Teams · Track & Field Season Recap

The Track & Field season is winding down and our teams have had much success this year. The Girls team finished the regular season 4-1, while both the Boys Frosh/Soph & Varsity teams finished 3-2. League prelims and finals begin next week, but here is a recap of some of this seasons highlights.

Girls Varsity

The girls team enjoyed success this season because of the athleticism present in all events. Amber Boyd and Jezteni Espinoza were the teams top sprinters while Josie Keener remained the teams top distance runner. Sarah Garcia finished in the top 3 in both shotput and discus. Bianca Flores and Mireya Robles also finished top 3 in both of their jumping events. Bianca was top 3 in long and triple jump while Mireya was top 3 in high jump and pole vault. Ulani Wells has made a huge impact on the team as she has excelled in the high jump and figures to do well in league finals.

Boys Varsity

Adam Preston and Danny Venegas have continued their success from the cross country season and finished in the top 3 of distance runners. Jayson Jones used his brute strength to finish top 3 in both shot and disc. Junior Tyler Nevens was the teams top sprinter and also finished in top 3. Daniel Api & Khayman King showed off their leaping abilities this season in the high jump. Daniel also finished top 3 in pole vault while Khayman made top 3 in the long jump.


Stephen Martinez and Rudy Saucedo have opened eyes with their sprinting abilities as they finished in the top 3. Distance runners Christian Castro & Justin Ochoa have bright futures and also finished top 3. Sophomore Jonathan Cortez showed off his strength in both shotput and discus and finished in the top 3.

League Prelims are Tuesday and League Finals are on Thursday. Both Prelims and Finals will be held at West Covina High School at 3pm. CIF Prelims are set for Saturday May 14th and Estancia High School.