Coed Junior Varsity Competitive Cheer, Coed Varsity Competitive Cheer · Cheer Takes 1st Place in First Competition as a CIF Sport

In 2015, the California Legislature passed Assembly Bill 949 which classified competitive cheer as a CIF sanctioned sport beginning in the 2017-2018 school year. While there has been some confusion as to what this looks like in a CIF setting, the CIF has worked to create 3 different categories for schools to work with. The first category is Sideline Cheer, which is a team that only cheers at events like football and basketball but does not compete. The CIF has ruled that Sideline Cheer is not a sport. The next option is Competitive Sport Cheer which involves head to head competition during the Spring Season only. The last option is Traditional Competitive Cheer which involves a standard 2 1/2 minute routine and teams are allowed to compete year round at various competitions. At this time Los Altos and most schools in the Southern Section are in the Traditional Competitive Cheer Category.

Given that Los Altos is a Traditional Competitive Cheer Team, the team can compete at various competitions throughout the school year. The first competition of the season was a SHARP Competition that took place on Saturday at Pioneer High School. The squad competed against 8 other high school teams and took home the 1st place trophy. In addition to winning the Coed Elite Division, the team took home awards in several other categories including Best Individual Stunt Group, the Judges Award, and individual recognitions for Ashley McCloud and Tanner Robinson for Best Individual Jumps. The team has dealt with many injuries and struggles thus far but were able to overcome the setbacks and perform well in their first competition. The team will have some time off over the break then pick back up into competition mode in January.