Boys Junior Varsity Golf, Boys Varsity Golf · Boy’s Golf Takes on Prelims in Hopes of Triumph

By Aaron Kim~ LAHS Journalism

Six members of the Boys’ Varsity Golf team played at Prelims this year in hopes of making it into League Finals and CIF. On Wednesday, April 18th, the boys of Golf were given the opportunity to face all the teams in the league, some that they’ve defeated and some they’ve lost to.

The Varsity Boys played on the beautiful course at Marshall Canyon. This course is known for its simplicity yet also its complexity. What may seem like a fairly manageable course, provides its challenges with its challenging greens, affecting putting which is a major part of golf. In addition, the course features a wide variety of hills, perfect for exercising your legs.

For our Varsity Boys, this was their first time as a team playing an 18 hole course, as their matches in League were all 9 hole courses that usually took two to three hours. However, for Prelims, the team left school at 7:45 am where they enjoyed breakfast together at a diner, then played golf for four to five hours in foursomes with competing schools.

As only six members from each school’s team were allowed to compete in Prelims, the six golfers who competed for Los Altos were Senior Manuel Zataray, Sophomore David Banuelos, Senior Jonathan Chang, Senior Jason Chang, Freshmen Brandon Shih, and Sophomore Aaron Kim.

The competition was strong as top teams like Rowland and Walnut showcased their top players in Prelims. Only three members, Zataray, Banuelos, and Shih made it to the second round of prelims as there were scheduling conflicts for the Changs and Kim. League Prelims resume on Thursday at Green River Golf Course and League Finals will take place on Monday April 30th at California Country Club.