Conquerors News · Introducing the Los Altos High School App

Los Altos High School has partnered with SuperFanU to bring the Los Altos Community an App that allows you to stay up to date on events happening at Los Altos while also earning points for rewards.

You will be able to create a profile, receive notifications and stay up to date with everything Los Altos.  The menu allows you to access many features like fan polls, view all social media feeds linked to Los Altos, a calendar of events where you can add events to your phones calendar.  One of the best features is being able to check-in to an event and earn points.  You can redeem the points you earn for various prizes and gear throughout the year.

Downloading the App is super easy to do.  Go to your App store and search for Los Altos HS.  Download the App and you are ready to start earning points.

View the Video Below for more information and instructions.