Girls Junior Varsity Tennis, Girls Varsity Tennis · Girls Tennis Continue To Improve and Hone Their Skills

By Brandon Soung ~ LAHS Journalism

The Girls Tennis team is currently 7-8 overall but 4-2 in league which puts them in position to claim a spot in CIF if they stay on track. The girls lost a league match to South Hills High School with the intent to try harder and prepare themselves for their next match.

Throughout the different doubles matches, the first set went to South Hills on all three courts, however, the Conquerors continued to improve their shots and were able to win a multiple sets as well. The final score was 6-3 with South Hills in the lead and winning the majority of the sets.

Senior Giselle Amador felt that one thing that might improve their games, are repairs to the cracks on the courts. Amador said that “The cracks on the tennis courts have been there for a very long time, and they aren’t fixing themselves”.  Although it may sound as though Amador may be giving excuses, one must acknowledge that improved courts can give a better learning experience during practice as well as the authenticity of a professional tennis match.

Amador and her partner were able to communicate more towards the second set, in order to prevent the other team in scoring more points. Reflecting on the match, it was the adjustment to the playstyle of South Hills that allowed the team on the first doubles court to win a set later on.

Amador felt that in preparation to the game “We weren’t stressed about the game. We like to always approach games in a light mood to keep our sportsmanship and end the games not in a bad mood whether we win or lose.” Amador had also stated that there were a lot more people who came out to the game than usual, which helped the Conquerors to stay motivated until the end of the game.

One of the memorable moments of the game was the tiebreaker on the second court. In tennis, a team must win 6 matches, with a 2 match lead on the other team to win the set. However, if both teams win 6 matches, then the first team to win the 7th match with two clears win the set.

The pressure was high for the Conquerors, due to the many matches that came before and the hot sun tiring both teams out, creating a battle of endurance until a team made two clears.

Senior Cecilia Lopez and her partner were able to win the tiebreaker, bringing in another set for the Conquerors. Although they were not able to win the game as a whole, Lopez said that “The game is a learning experience for us, as we get to learn a lot more about our flaws in a losing match compared to a winning match.”

In addition, Lopez continued to state that “This game in particular helped by teaching us how to cope with the sun during long matches”. The temperature of the day that the game was played on, was the hottest out of the whole week, illustrating how it was not a regular match for the Conquerors.

The girls bounced back well after the South Hills loss and defeated West Covina and Diamond Ranch last week.  Giselle Amador and Jennifer Luy are the doubles team that has set the tone for the rest of the squad.  At one point they were 13-1 on the season and are now 25-7, 12-6 in league since league has started.  The team has 4 matches left this season before CIF starts.