Varsity E-Sports · Los Altos ESPORTS is HERE!

Los Altos High School is excited to embark on the new adventure of adding esports to the list of options our students have to be involved in competitive activities. CIF and PlayVS have partnered up to provide a platform for students to participate in electronic competitions, commonly referred to as esports. Esports is another avenue that students can use to stay engaged and active in a positive school climate while also playing video games.

Students will compete on teams in various games that require communication, collaboration, critical thinking and leadership skills. Students will have the opportunity to engage in STEM subjects that can open doors for them in the future. More and more colleges are adding esports teams to their campuses with many offering scholarships. Esports is one the fastest growing industries in our market and students can not only find job opportunities playing games but can also find paths into industries like streaming, programming, production other technology based fields.

Mr. Ackermann, who has a background in gaming and is an avid gamer, will be coaching the esports team. The esports team is strictly for students wishing to compete against students from other schools in specific games. At this time those games are: League of Legends, SMITE, and Rocket League. Over the past few weeks it was announced that Madden, FIFA and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be added to the roster of available games. Mr. Ackermann will also be overseeing a gaming club where students can join and play other games not offered through the PlayVS format. If anyone is interested in joining the esports team or the gaming club please contact Mr. Ackermann at for more information. 

Click here to learn more about the CIF/PlayVS ESPORT Initiative