Los Altos Return to Practice (RTP) Information

Los Altos Athletics has been cleared to return to campus for practices, workouts and preparation for competition. As a reminder, these are VOLUNTARY workouts that cannot impact a students grade.  These workouts are intended to get our Conquerors back on campus, connected, physically acclimated to conditioning, and prepared for competition.

The Hacienda La Puente Unified School District has also adjusted and added some items that need to be taken care of by each student before they are allowed to compete:

#1– Students need to be cleared through athleticclearance.com. Physical signed by an MD and insurance card must be uploaded to the student’s profile. No students will be allowed on campus if they are not cleared and have not completed the requirements below. Form more information on the clearance process click HERE.

#2– The 2 documents in the links below must be signed by Parent and Student. Students can either bring these documents to practice or email them to aformano@hlpusd.k12.ca.us .  If you completed the HLPUSD Protocol Form in the Fall, you will need to complete it again due to some minor changes.
HLPUSD Protocol
Informed Consent Form

#3– Below you will find a link to the Return to Practice Informational Video. This video includes all of our safety measures that will be taken, including pre-workout screening, student-athlete arrival procedure, cohort guidelines, facility usage, and student-athlete exposure protocol. Some of the information regarding the check-in process & cohort sizes in the video has changed recently, so if you have questions please contact your Head Coach.  After you have watched the informational video, please CLICK HERE to fill out a form acknowledging you watched the video and were informed on the content, requirements, and expectations of returning to physical activity at Los Altos High School.

#4– Lastly, every day that the student is scheduled to attend practice they need to complete the Daily Health Screening Form. Once students begin receiving this form, it must be completed every day the student is coming to campus and must be completed prior to coming to practice. Students should be on the lookout for an email from Hacienda La Puente Unified and/or Qualtrics. This email is how we will be conducting the daily health screening required for admittance to practice.
Here is how the system will work:
1. Students will be receiving an email at whatever email address (personal or HLP account) is associated with their AERIES account. Once students get the first email, they can ask to have a text sent to them each morning. If students don’t get a text message, then they will receive an email.
2. Once students answer the questions, they will get a green “check mark” or red “X” depending on the answers to the questions. They will also receive an email showing that you completed the form.
3. When arriving to campus, students will be required to show that they completed the form. Students can show a Screenshot of the green check mark with time stamp on it, or just show the email showing completion of the form at the check-in.

**NOTE: It takes a couple days for the rosters to be input and the Health Screening emails to be sent out, so if you are not receiving a daily email/text, follow the instructions below:

**If you are not receiving the Daily Qualtrics Symptom Checker email/text then you must use this temporary check in below. You can use the link or scan the QR Code with your phone or QR Code scanner.

Qualtrics Symptom Check Survey